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Are you a successful entrepreneur who feels like a failure in love?

Are you repeating painful patterns wondering if love is meant for you?

I have been there, and I am here to help.

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elle ebizadeh

Meet Elle Ebizadeh

Even after a decade of therapy, I found myself excelling in certain areas like building successful companies, yet stumbling when it came to forging warm, meaningful connections of love. There was a point when I entered a relationship with someone who seemed so much like me. Our lives were in parallel, and I invested significant effort into making the relationship thrive. But things didn’t unfold as I had envisioned.

And then I hit a magical turning point – Calling in “The One”…

It all began to make sense. I had been so consumed with fulfilling my partner’s desires and needs, so dedicated to their happiness, that I had inadvertently neglected a vital person: Myself.

The Calling in “The One” process gave me the transformative tools I needed to reshape how I experienced both love and life. Along this journey, I reconnected with who I am and opened up the door to truly connect with others.

TODAY, love is no longer an enigma.

I stand healed, truly heard, and profoundly connected to my confident and affectionate self. 

NOW I’m here, ready to guide you through your own voyage of self-discovery.

Together, we’ll uncover the answers you’ve been seeking.

It is my purpose in life to make sure that YOU also are coming home to yourself. I stand with you in the truth that you hold immense value, and you deserve not only the love and happiness that others offer, but also the love and happiness that you can cultivate within yourself.

Wherever you are in your relationship journey, you can move forward and create Happy Healthy Love

break up in a whole new way

Conscious Uncoupling

For people who would like to intentionally end a relationship on positive terms and with respect for each other.

This is a concept that can be applied to any kind of relationship, not just romantic ones. 

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Calling in "The One"

It is a process of self-discovery and growth that guides you to identify and manifest the life that you truly desire and deserve.

“Before working with you, I walked around in constant fear of who I was and lots of insecurities. While going through this journey, I started to see I wasn’t a bad person, just a hurt person with bad habits regarding relationships. After this service life became first tolerable then became ok. I feel I‘ve developed the ability to soothe myself and use positive affirmations and started developing some confidence. What I enjoyed most was your calm demeanor and your solid foundation of knowledge and abilities to help me heal my heart and soul.”

—frank, canada

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