Conscious Uncoupling

Break free from your old patterns in love and discover keys to your Heart-to-Heart Relationships in 5 steps.

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Has love become a weakness instead of your greatest strength?

Are you strong, successful and knowledgeable, but feel hurt, rejected, lonely and lost after a breakup?

elle ebizadeh

Meet Elle ebizadeh

I too was there a year after my own breakup.

I felt hurt, lonely, rejected and lost. Questioning myself if there is a way to release and transform these feelings. How would I create a new life and love after this?

Through Conscious Uncoupling’s 5-step process I learned how to heal my past relationships clearly as well as embrace the tools to create endless opportunities of love and life. I stopped blaming my partner and stopped indulging my repetitive negative thoughts of our relationship and the breakup. I became aware and took responsibility for my part.

I learned to love and care for myself and began living in the present truth of my playful confident self. I rekindled and healed my family dynamics by being in my own power. Today I am surrounded by friends and family who are caring, attentive and supportive.

I am honored to guide you step by step through your journey to reclaim yourself and create healthy loving relationships.

How we work together to bring your happy bright future into reality.

step 1

step 1: find emotional freedom

Learn how to harness your negative emotions and transform them to constructive positives.

step 2

step 2: Reclaim Your Power and Your Life

Learn how to let go of being a wounded victim of love and shifting to become a confident powerful you!

step 3

step 3: Break the Pattern, Heal your Heart

Learn how to identify and break your disappointing patterns of love.

step 4

step 4: Become a Love Alchemist

Learn how to transform old habits into a positive force of love for you and anyone involved.

step 5

step 5: Happily Ever After Life

Learn how to make conscious and wise decisions with steps to reinvent your life to who you truly are TODAY, not your past.

conscious uncoupling book

“Before working with you, I walked around in constant fear of who I was and lots of insecurities. While going through this journey, I started to see I wasn’t a bad person, just a hurt person with bad habits regarding relationships. After this service life became first tolerable then became ok. I feel I‘ve developed the ability to soothe myself and use positive affirmations and started developing some confidence. What I enjoyed most was your calm demeanor and your solid foundation of knowledge and abilities to help me heal my heart and soul.”

—frank, canada

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