Client Testimonials

—Sherri, for Laser Coaching Work

—Dee, for Laser Coaching Work

—Catherine I., Texas for Laser Coaching Work

“My coaching experience with Elle was very positive. With her assistance, I was able to clearly see where I was giving away my power. I learned valuable tools to reclaim that power and show up as my authentic self. I recognized old patterns in my life that were no longer serving me and learned ways to change them. As a result of this coaching experience, I feel more centered and aware of my choices. Elle’s calm presence and knowledge were invaluable in this process. I would definitely recommend this coaching process with Elle.”

—Catherine I., Texas FOR CALLING IN "THE ONE" WORK

...her cosmic smash book:

cosmic smash book
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“Before working with you, I walked around in constant fear of who I was and lots of insecurities. While going through this journey, I started to see I wasn’t a bad person, just a hurt person with bad habits regarding relationships. After this service life became first tolerable then became ok. I feel I‘ve developed the ability to soothe myself and use positive affirmations and started developing some confidence. What I enjoyed most was your calm demeanor and your solid foundation of knowledge and abilities to help me heal my heart and soul.”

—frank, canada for conscious uncoupling work

“Before working with Elle I didn’t realize how closed off I was to allowing love into my life. Through our work together, I began to see patterns and false truths I was living which prevented the kind of love I wanted to call in. She helped me discover tools to break these patterns and live a life open to love. Since working with Elle, I feel a sense of power in knowing I have the tools to manifest my best life. I would recommend Elle for anyone looking to live life more meaningfully, and particularly to young adults who want to learn more about themselves before pursuing a serious relationship or marriage.”

—Tara J., Washington, 26 years old for calling in "the one" work

“My goal in working with Elle was to call in a new business partner. The process was fun and simple, even while digging deep. I got to experience how I can let go of what is no longer needed so I can allow in and embrace the right match for my new relationships. But the surprise icing on the cake was releasing an old belief from my childhood that kept me from playing bigger and living more fully and joyfully. Thank you for your guidance, Elle.”

—Nancy C. California, 70 years old for calling in "the one" work

“Conscious Uncoupling was the first coaching experience I’ve taken. I have been to therapists over and over without getting life changing results. I THOUGHT I knew what I wanted to get out of this course, but I barely scratched the surface as to what I genuinely received through Elle. I was hoping to let go of the troubled past I had and learn why I would end up in similar situations over and over. The reality during and after working with Elle was much more than that. As I was led through this journey by Elle, I learned EXACTLY what led me down the same path so many times. I was able to contact that past self and work through it. I am an emotional person but rarely do truly let my emotions out. I cried… a lot, BUT in a healing way this time and it felt amazing. Elle not only took my hand in this course and led me down a great path but genuinely cared and gave me ways to love myself more that I will use for the rest of my life. Simple things that do not take a ton of effort or time, yet make a big impact. My favorite thing about working with Elle was her kind heart. I work in a very rugged career field as well as have been raised in a very harsh family. Elle’s kind heart and gentle personality guided me perfectly and cut through my walls that I had up at first. I highly recommend Elle and Conscious Uncoupling to anyone that finds themselves going down the same negative path or that is going through a big event that they need help with. Also, anyone that has a hard time connecting to their inner person and has a hard time loving themselves. I KNOW that statement covers just about anyone. Elle I know you will do great things and touch the hearts of many as you did mine. Thank you VERY MUCH for this experience. It will last forever.”

—Joshua P., Texas for conscious uncoupling work